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A little back story.

I was obsessed with books when I was a kid. I'd zip through book after book, series after series. I even tried my hand at writing a few myself (spoiler alert: I never made it past chapter two). I have so many fond memories of visiting the library and the magical children's books room in my home town. And when my family would venture out to eat, I always voted for the restaurant closest to Barnes & Noble. 

But recently, I realized my kids don't do those things. They don't beg for library or bookstore trips - even when I've tried to instill that love in them. It was so much easier to choose books when I was a child, because books was all there was! There was no iPad or streaming children's television. And when I looked at the books on our shelves, I realized I wasn't giving my kids quality choices. I mean, no wonder they were choosing to watch Paw Patrol instead of read the less than ideal Paw Patrol book from the Dollar Spot. 

enter usborne books & MORe.

When my friend and team leader, Natalie, introduced me to Usborne, I knew it was exactly what my kids needed. So, I purchased (and borrowed) a few. And after seeing the ways their eyes lit up as they turned the pages, lifted flaps, scanned QR codes to learn more, and actually chose books over their iPads...well, I knew I had to get more. And, well, I knew I wanted a discount on the more. 

But, for me, it has turned into so much more than a discount. It's community and friendships with mamas like me. It's connection with my kids. It's changed the way we view media, the way our days run, the things my kids reach for first. And, if I'm being honest, it's a paycheck too. Something we're slowly tucking away in hopes to have enough to adopt again in the future. And all of that because I just wanted a discount on things I was already planning to buy. 

And here's the thing about the UBAM business that I lovee. I've tried to sell things before and I was no good, but these books sell themselves. I don't have to ask my friends over and over to host a party, because with each new party I throw, I'm introduced to like minded mamas who love these books too. It's truly a cycle that builds on itself. 


I'm always looking for people who want to share with their friends on Facebook and earn FREE books! All you do is invite your friends, get them excited about the books, and I do the rest. The night of the Facebook party, you just show up, comment, and earn FREE books from the comfort of your own couch. No cleaning, no food prep, and no hard pants (read: anything that requires a button and a zipper). 

With my three kids, we are attending birthday parties galore. Why not host a party, earn/choose some free books, and have them on hand to gift throughout the year? Or maybe, create an amazing Usborne book wish list for your own kids, host a party, and snag all of your favorites to give them at Christmas! 

join my team!

Sounds good, right? Usborne Books & More has been such a blessing for me personally and for my family, and I'd love to share more with you if you're interested. Right now, we have an almost unheard of kit deal going on. This special is for June only, and you can join Usborne for the discounts, for the business, for the community for only $50! Click here to read more details about joining UBAM and joining our team

Email me or use the contact form above to book your own Facebook party or ask me any questions you have!