Hi, y’all! I’m Carly. A tattooed mama living in the great state of Texas with my firefighter husband, Cody, our almost two and a half year old son, Gunner, and our two month old son, Titus. We recently adopted Titus through a semi-open domestic adoption. You can read more about our adoption journey here. This October, we'll welcome our third little surprise, Pacey Lynn, who you can see a tiny peek of in the picture above. 

I'm a free spirit stuck in a type A personality who is always struggling to find the balance between the two. I have a love for all things second hand and spend a lot of time trying to bring style to my home, wardrobe, and life in an affordable and unique way. I love Dr. Pepper, reading, bad reality television, thrift stores, coffee dates, and meeting and encouraging women right where they are in life. I am forever thankful that God chose me and saved me.

I’ve loved to write since elementary school. I used to spend hours typing away on my parents’ computer, writing short stories and unfinished novels, way before everyone had the internet in their homes and laptops in their laps. These days, in between diaper changes and play dates, I have less time to write novels so this blog has become my outlet.

I write to keep sane. I write about my joys and the things that make me happy. I write about my fears and my worries. I write to document and remember.  I write to connect. I write to express and process. I write about what inspires me and what I hope to become.  

Grab a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or an ice cold Dr. Pepper, and settle in.

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