philippians 1:6 -- an adoption fundraiser

As I shared in my last post, we've officially been matched with a birth mom who is due to deliver in July. Her official due date is July 22d, but she can be induced as early as July 15th; so, we're doing all sorts of last minute planning -- preparing the nursery, bringing down all of our baby gear and clothes, and, of course, last minute fundraising. 

Honestly, we took a hit financially after feeling called to leave the Congo program we were a part of, and while we absolutely believe it was the right choice, it has left us short of some funds. On top of that, payments made in domestic adoptions are just different than international...cost is similar, but the funds are needed in much larger sums. We have some incredible people at our church who are offering to step in and fill the voids, but we are still working hard to raise every bit that we can.

So, late last night we launched an adoption t-shirt fundraiser that will run until the 20th of July. We have a goal to sell 100 t-shirts, but, of course, every extra t-shirt sold helps keep us from having to pursue things like no interest loans or money taken from retirement savings.

I hope to have a chance to blog more later this week about the meaning behind the shirt, but for now, you can read a little bit about it on the fundraising website + order your own t-shirt there! 

My incredible friend, Kara-Kae, created the design for us and we are so so thankful for her gracious work. Be sure to check out her stationary + cards shop. She sells the cutest stuff, plus lots of things that will make you giggle.

And for those of you who are picky about t-shirts (I'm totally one of those people), these will be printed on American Apparel tees, so I promise the quality is great! If this sale is successful, we'll probably do another one with more t-shirt options (think v-necks and kid sizes) once we have Titus home and have a handle of how much money we'll need to continue raising to pay off any loans. 

We'd be absolutely thrilled if you purchased a t-shirt (PURCHASE THEM HERE), but if you can't offer support in that way, would you mind sharing through email, social media, or your blog? Every share is a new set of eyes on our cause. 

Thank you. We are so incredibly thankful for your continued love and support.