#TurtleFest at Grapevine SEALIFE Aquarium

Last week we had the opportunity to visit the Grapevine SEALIFE Aquarium to see a private, live turtle feeding + spend time exploring in honor of World Turtle Day. We'd been planning to take Gunner to visit soon because he LOVES fish and sharks, so we were so excited for this opportunity. 

Our first hour or so was spent at the turtle feeding and listening to one of the aquarists tell us about the different sea turtles in the aquarium, their training, and the reasons each of them were in the aquarium. 

And the rest of our day was spent chasing our crazy toddler all around the aquarium. Cody and I both spent so much time at the beach growing up, so we love seeing our little guy love marine life. 

The Grapevine SEALIFE Aquarium has tons of fun features -- a glass tunnel complete with a glass floor, underground crawl spaces made for little toddler sized bodies, and an aquarium full of ghostly jellyfish.

If you're a DFW local, you must go check out the Grapevine SEALIFE Aquarium! And let me know if you do!