sneaky motherhood

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Something I've learned in my two years of motherhood is that being a mother is all about being sneaky. Sometimes that means eating chocolate in your closet when you swore to the toddler that it was "all gone," and other times it means slowly tiptoeing out of a room once the baby has finally been rocked the sleep. Sneaky has this negative connotation and I suppose it can be negative when you're hoarding the chocolate, but my sneaky skills have also helped me feed my son some super healthy things without his knowing.

One of my favorite ways to sneak in healthy foods is through a quesadilla. I've tried black bean brownies and some of your more complicated "sneak those healthy foods in" recipes, but I don't have time for that in my everyday life. I need something that I can make on the fly for a picky toddler. 

Gunner loves quesadillas and they are great for kids because they're folded over and you can't see what's on the inside. So, I love to stuff my cheese filled tortilla with some healthy goodness too! 

One of my favorite things to add to a quesadilla is finely cut baby spinach. If you have a food processor, you could use that to really shred up your spinach, but I can usually do enough damage with a small, sharp knife.

Other things I love to add to my sneaky quesadillas? Finely sliced baby carrots, bell peppers (so good!), or finely chopped broccoli florettes. You can also add a lean meat of your choice if you don't think the cheese and veggie quesadilla is hearty enough.

And after slicing your veggie of choice? It continues to be super simple! Lay your tortilla out and begin to pile the cheese and veggies on. Remember though, too much cheese can defeat some of the healthy factors of this meal. 

Depending on how much time you have for this meal you can either cook your quesadilla on the skillet or zap it in the microwave. For me personally, I think it's worth the time (a few minutes tops) to cook it in the skillet because the taste is so much better. 

I also recently discovered Lifeway Kefir products and they're perfect for sneaking in healthy elements! Our favorite so far are the Lifeway Kefir lowfat smoothies...they're packed with probiotics and vitamins that my little guy might not always get enough of, plus they taste super yummy so he never even questions it.

We make the smoothies extra yummy by blending some fresh fruit, spinach, and a little ice in with the already mixed Lifeway Kefir smoothie. Gunner now asks for a smoothie several times a day and since I know what I'm sneaking in there, this momma doesn't mind one bit!

How are you sneaky with your kiddos? 
How do you sneak veggies and other healthy items into their meals? 
Any great recipes or tips to share with us?