i want to teach you.

Last weekend was the Thrive Moms' Retreat. As part of the team, we spent a lot of time talking about and preparing for the weekend, but nothing could've prepared my heart for the truth that was spoken into it.

There was so much good stuff but something Jessi said in the first session has stuck with me all week, and will probably stick with me all of my life.

"And you're saying, I don't even know how to be a good mom...
but the Lord says 'Come on, I want to teach you.'"

And isn't that good news? Because I don't know to be a good mom. I've tried on my own, I've worked so hard trying to do it myself, and I feel the Lord continuing to use motherhood to break me of my self-reliant attitude.

I'll be the first to admit that in many successes previously in life I've patted myself on the back and applauded myself for the hard work. I've been foolish enough to think that I did it all on my own, all by my effort.  

But gosh y'all, this motherhood thing is not one I can do alone. Not without Jesus and certainly not without community. I am tired. I am easily frustrated. I am impatient. I am short tempered. I am imperfect, but the Lord perfects me through Him when I give Him the chance. 

And luckily, I give him lots of chances to do the perfecting.