you are still God.

Christian music artist, Jimmy Needham is a member of our church and leads worship about once a month for us. It's always a gift when we get to hear one of his new, unreleased songs, and this week he shared one that spoke directly to my often weary of this world soul.

I posted the lyrics on Instagram on Sunday but wanted to share them here too in case one of you need them too. I wish I could remember the entire chorus, but the line that has stuck out in my head the most is this...

I believe in miracles, but whether the sea parts or not, you are STILL God. 

And today I hope you really know that truth. My heart gets weary here sometimes...miscarriages, orphans dying in orphanages, cancer, physical abuse, substance abuse, suicide, hopelessness, judgment...there's so much to be tired of and so much to cry out to God about. And cry we should continue and plead for miracles we will, but I pray that you know whether the miracle you were praying for happens or not, that God is still on His throne. That your father is a King who is not shaken by this world.

His miracle, His work in your life might not be the one you hoped for or begged for, but He isn't less of a God because of that. And y'all, He doesn't care for you less because of that either. He doesn't set us on different paths to hurt us but to save us and to teach us. I understand changing paths right now, I do. The adoption journey is an ever changing path and I am clinging to the truth that my God goes before me, and because of that I shall not fear the unknown or the change.

I hope you get your miracle, I really do. For the sake of your hope, and your dream, and your wishes. But I pray that you're okay with the path He chooses for you, miracle or not, because He is always STILL God.

Just a few instagram pictures from our week...