absentee blogger

Hi friends,

Sorry for being an absentee blogger lately. We've been battling some pretty rough sleep issues in our home...as in Gunner hasn't fallen asleep before ten or napped on his own in almost two weeks. We're thinking separation anxiety + a sudden fear of his crib, so we're also making the (sleepless) transition to a big boy bed. I was perfectly content being the mom with her eight year old in a crib if that's what he wanted, but alas, we're making the change now.

No sleep time obviously means very little time to do anything for myself, which is the category blogging falls under. Cleaning my house (although I certainly don't do that for myself) has fallen under that category too. Oops. 

I did manage to get my weekly cupcakeMAG post written the other night around midnight, so I'd love for you to go check it out over there! This week I'm talking Easter outfits for the little guys in your life. Do your kiddos get new Easter outfits every year? For the record, in our house, we don't do stuffy church shoes. :)