I can barely seem to get it together lately in regards to sitting down and writing a here's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, in a completely random post.

+ The weather has been incredible in Texas this week. I feel bad for all of you who are still covered in snow, since our weather has been hovering in the 70's and I'm wearing flip flops again. We are supposed to get some chilly weather again here soon. 

+ Gunner is currently talking up a storm. He was slow to talk and just a few months ago, speech therapy was a very big reality to us, but at his two year check up this past week, he measured on track with his speech. What a praise that is! I am stunned at his growth over the past few months, and forever reminded that the Lord cares deeply about all of our hopes, desires, and wishes. 

+ We had Gunner's second birthday party this past Saturday. It was pirate themed and so much fun. The party hours flew by leaving me feel exhausted and blessed. I wasn't great about taking pictures this year, and his party was much less DIY (and way more Hobby Lobby party section) than his circus party last year...but, I'm honestly okay with that. People make parties special. The big question though? How is he ALREADY two?!

+ I emailed our "adoption case manager" this week asking for an update on our current place on the referral list. You might remember that we were given an average referral wait time of four months; and right now, we're round the four and a half month mark. Honestly y'all, I'm getting a little weary in the wait. We were told (and already knew) that our place on the wait list is relevant as it all depends on the "preferences" you've requested for your child (for us, a boy under two) -- but, we were told that we are in the top fifteen families on the list. That seems a little hopeful, yes?

+ I've been working with Kara-Kae of Mom Diggity Designs to create our adoption fundraiser t-shirts, and they're awesome y'all! The design is nailed down, and now I'm just working to pick a printer. So, you'll hopefully be seeing some shirts pretty soon. I'll be placing a small order of twenty-five shirts in the beginning and then opening up a big pre-order after that. I'm hoping to have several bloggers purchase some of the original order and promote them on their blogs and social media accounts the week we take pre-orders. If you'd like to be considered to receive one of the first shirts, please send an email to

Here are a few pictures of our week...