created for care 2014

This past weekend I attended Created For Care, a retreat for adoption moms. I realized I hadn't written about my plans to attend here on my blog, but I honestly wasn't sure what to expect..thus, not sure what to write beforehand. 

Can I just tell you that it was incredible?

After a rough travel day -- think a delayed and then cancelled flight + a rescheduled flight + two gate changes + three hours of sitting on the tarmat before takeoff, all because of a little snow and cold weather that hit Texas that morning...the weekend drastically improved.

I roomed with Megan and Brittany (who graciously waited for me for SIX+ HOURS at the airport with all of my delays), and I was so blessed by them. I laughed harder than I have in a long time, but opened up about struggles more than I have in a long time too. It's beautiful and interesting what the common bond of adoption and orphan care will do to grow and further a relationship.

We attended several break out sessions on different topics, and I attended sessions on staying sane while raising a large family (something we hope to have some day), connecting with your child while still correcting behavior (based mostly on Karen Purvis' books and training), and lastly, a session/panel where four black mothers shared their advice and experience for white women who will be raising a black child (something I'll obviously be doing in the future). I loved them all, but what I really loved was that no session leader presumed to be an "expert;" instead, she was just a fellow mother sharing her experience and struggles. 

Beth Guckenberger, one of the co-directors of Back2Back Ministries, was our main sessions speaker and was absolutely incredible. What a privilege to watch a woman get up and just preach it. She shared one of my most favorites thoughts of the weekend -- "We serve a Lord who is always on time." In this time of adoption, a time full of unexpected changes and doubt, I needed the reminder that God not only does things on His time, BUT that His timing is absolutely perfect. I'm writing that truth on my heart.

My favorite market purchases from The Sparrow Fund.

If you're an adoptive or foster momma, I absolutely recommend this Created For Care in 2015. Subscribe to the newsletter and keep your eyes on the site since the retreats typically sell out quickly. 

I can't wait to go back.