let's make recycling fun

This post is sponsored by REPREVE, a company that is making a difference.

A few weeks ago I introduced the incredible company REPREVE and their work, as well as the fact that one of my New Year's goals was to recycle more. As a family, we can be really bad about just trashing things that should be recycled and reused, and that's really not something I'm proud of -- so, changes are happening!

In an effort to buy less (less consumption = less waste) and reuse more, I've been finding ways to craft and create with items lying around our recycling bin. I'll admit, we are big bottled water drinkers over here; and since I know that water bottles aren't the kindest thing for the environment, I've found a way to reuse them and make them cute.

This is a super easy craft and one you can have the kiddos help with. We strung our flowers up in our playroom, taking place of our Christmas garlands. You could also glue them to green pipe cleaners to make a fun, kid friendly flower arrangement. If you decide to make these flowers too, I'd love to see how you display them!

STEP 1 //  You'll begin by cutting the water bottle in half. I poked a hole in the side with a sharp knife and then used scissors to cut all the way around. 

STEP 2 // Cut the "raw edge" side of the bottle into strips. You want to cut down, towards the cap, using the bottle cap as the center of the "flower."

STEP 3 // Now, pull back the "petals," creating a sort of crease near the bottle cap. The plastic should bend back easily and hold the "petal" form.

STEP 4 // Paint the flowers any color you want. If you're wanting a more solid color, I'd recommend spray paint, which is obviously something your kids shouldn't be using; BUT if you want to get the kiddos involved, craft paint would work great too! We used finger paint and some of the streaks of paint flaked out off, so just a word to the wise there.

Gunner loved this craft, and I loved utilizing materials we already had at home. It's so important to me that my son sees us taking care of the world we have been blessed with, but I think it's also important to make that experience fun.
Repreve #TurnItGreen

If you're looking for other ways to recycle, re-use, and take better care of our world, you must check out REPREVE -- a company that takes plastic bottles, washes them, melts them down, and creates a very fine fiber that can be used in fabric (see a video detailing the steps, here).

REPREVE is working to increase awareness of their process and encourage others to #TurnItGreen too! One way REPREVE is spreading the word is through their sponsorship of The X Games (where you'll see green beanies all over the slopes) that will begin soon in Aspen.   

They're also running a contest over the next few weeks where the first prize winner will receive $5,000! Participants are invited to share how they #TurnItGreen and how they live a more sustainable life by reusing or recycling. Simply share an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine using the #TurnItGreen hashtag to be entered. The four runners-up of the contest will receive a REPREVE jacket and a Go-Pro camera! I'll be posting our #TurnItGreen video submission on Instagram soon, so be on the lookout for it.

How do you #TurnItGreen in your household?