finding healthy & tasty choices

This taste test was sponsored by Yoplait, but I was given the creative freedom to honestly express my opinions. 

Healthy eating. It's the beginning of a new year and, of course, many people are talking about it. If you're anything like me, you find yourself quickly guzzling down coffee and snacking on sweet items for most of your, the idea of healthy eating seems impossible if it involves lots of prep work. And on top of that, I'm not the biggest fan of food of the "healthy" I said above, I love my sweets.

I've always liked yogurt and it's ease as a tasty, healthy snack, but many brands seem to be packed with sugar and artificial flavoring, and if I'm trying to eat healthy, it hasn't always seemed like the best choice. I've tried the healthy sibling to normal yogurt, also known as plain Greek yogurt and...I just can't y'all. Not a fan.

So, when Yoplait reached out to me and asked if I'd give my HONEST opinion and take part in their official #TasteOff challenge between the Yoplait Greek Blueberry yogurt and Chobani Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom yogurt, I was hesitant. BUT -- I am so glad I took part. 

I chose to take the #TasteOff challenge during Gunner's nap with a few pieces of fruit and my afternoon cup of coffee. I wanted to take the challenge without toddler interruptions, but I did save some yogurt for G!

Chobani was totally trying to pull my strings when it labeled it's product with the phrase "Naturally Powering Team USA"....but honestly, I was really sure I'd be a fan of the Yoplait yogurt more. I've always been a Yoplait brand fan and I loved that the fruit was already blended in; something about fruit on the bottom doesn't sound appealing to me. 

I also loved that the top of the Yoplait container detailed all of things it has "going for it" -- thick & creamy, natural colors/flavors/sweeteners, and it has 100% MORE protein than regular yogurt, which is something that really drew me my opinion, more protein usually means it'll stick with you longer!

Upon opening up the yogurts, I did have to stir up the Chobani package (on the left) to get the fruit mixed in. As you can see, the Yoplait (on the right) was clearly already blended because of it's purple coloring. While the term "fruit on the bottom" sounds gross to me...there was something about that that seemed more fresh.

My thoughts after trying each yogurt? Honestly, I was surprised with both of them! Like I said before, I've never been a big Greek yogurt fan so I was pleasantly surprised to find both quite tasty. In my personal opinion, the Chobani was better (another surprise for me!) because it was thicker, creamier, and the blueberries tasted really fresh. Chobani also had that classic, tart Greek yogurt taste that mixed quite nicely with the blueberries. While the Yoplait was certainly good, it was just a little too sweet for me and the blueberries tasted less fresh and "real."

After Gunner's nap, I did give him a taste of the two yogurts and it was no surprise to me that he loved the Yoplait more! The super sweet flavor is right up his alley, and I love knowing that a sweet snack for him is packed with protein. 

Are you a Greek yogurt fan? Interested in taking the #TasteOff challenge
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