meet me under the mistletoe gift

This fun holiday post is sponsored by Hello-Products! #helloholidays #greetfreely

I think I can say pretty confidently that I'm like most moms when it comes to holidays -- busy. I'm busy shopping, and crafting, and baking, and wrapping, and planning. And honestly, I love the bustle of the holidays, it's the one time of year when I think the busyness is fun. But, it can lead me to forget about some of those that matter the, my hardworking husband.

So, I decided to put together a fun little treat for my husband. I knew it couldn't be costly, because he wouldn't go for it. I knew simple and sweet would be best. So, that's exactly what I went with. 

I paired the hello mini breath spray with a handmade note (although I first made a version on the computer that refused to print out), and left it in a place he would the spot where he drinks his coffee every morning. I thought this was a fun, cheeky, little gift that would cost nearly nothing to recreate. Shoot me an email and I'll even send the digital file of the note to you! 

While I left the supermint flavor for Cody, I kept the grapefruit mint for myself. He can't be the only one with fresh breath under the mistletoe.  

You can pick up the Hello brand breath spray (and their other oral care products) at your local Target, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and tons of other locations that you can find on their website. Also be sure to follow Hello on Instagram to receive more fun #helloholidays inspiration.