Christmas 2013

I kind of can't believe that Christmas is already over. The week before Christmas we all three came down with the stomach bug, and time just seemed to spiral away from us from there. I abandoned our advent activity calendar, all of the really exciting but really needed planning items fell at the end of the month and I just didn't have the energy after the sickness...but, that's okay.

My momma came over a few days before Christmas, while we were out of town celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family, and cleaned up the entire, post sickness house for me. She also did all of my laundry and made the beds. It was probably the best gift ever. And my over achiever, never ask for help personality found a way to be okay (and not embarassed) with it.  

And as I sat down the write this post, I also found out how few pictures I took at our Christmas celebrations. But again, that's okay. 

And really, it is ALL okay because I promised myself this Christmas season that I would give myself grace. And I mostly did that, and I really loved it. It made things simple and easy and enjoyable. 

This giving myself grace thing...I'll be trying it more often.