who you bring to the table

A few weeks ago I decided that Gunner and I would put together little Halloween treats for his teachers. Nothing extravagant, just colored pumpkin cut outs and a Starbucks gift card...I just wanted to say thank you to the women that work hard and love on my son every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Yesterday, before heading to school and Gunner's Halloween costume parade, I doubted myself and the giving of the little gifts. I thought maybe they were too simple, or maybe I was the overboard mom for giving them a gift on Halloween. I'm new to this mom with a kid in preschool thing so I really don't know what I'm doing. But, in the craziness that is leaving for school, I slipped the pumpkin cut outs and gift cards into his folder.  

When we picked him up from school in the afternoon, his teacher gave us this note and I tried my hardest not to cry. We smiled, grabbed his bags, and chased him out of the door. 

In my frantic worry of is this good enough or is this weird or is this normal for a mom to do, I hadn't even thought about who the gift was ultimately for. It was for Gunner's teacher; a single mom with a daughter and probably someone who doesn't make Starbucks trips too often. She loves my son and we wanted her to feel loved too. That's all that mattered in the situation.

On the way home we talked about what a great witness we can be through our kids and opportunities with them. How we never know what someone is living through and our positivity can bring them. How a small relationship or a small gift can lead to an opportunity to speak love and Jesus into someone's life. 

Friends, don't ever underestimate what your actions and words can do. Our little gift might've just been that...a gift, a thank you, a special treat but I pray that someday it'll become something more. 

It's not about what you bring to the table -- how crafty it is, how nice it is, if it's too much or too little -- it's about WHO you bring to the table through it all. You bring Jesus, the bread of life, the living God and he is always worth the step out, the chance of taking the opportunity. He is never too much or too little. He is just right, and everything we need.