three essentials to making every day healthy

Hi! I’m Katie and I blog over at IndyEatWell! I’m a dietitian and a lover of food, cooking, sharing meals and seeing how Jesus is inter-weaved through it all. I am elated to guest post for Carly today, what a wonderful opportunity! 

I am going to share with you something a friend of mine recently requested I post about: essentials for getting through your day making healthy decisions. There is so much chatter in the nutrition world of what is “right”. I don’t think God designed health to be so complicated! So as I’ve reflected on this, here are my 3 essentials for a healthy day:

1. Eat breakfast
No matter how small or hurried, every day, eat breakfast. There are many benefits to this, but I’ll name two:  you’ll make better food decisions throughout the day (avoiding hangry episodes) and you’ll get your metabolism moving early.

2. Switch to water ASAP
Every day, finish your coffee/tea/diet coke and when you’re done, begin drinking water as soon as you can in the morning. I usually have a cup and a half of coffee so when I’m done, I head straight for the water. This gets you hydrated earlier to hopefully help you meet your daily water goal. Oh the benefits of water, I could go on and on, but for now let’s just say it helps your bowels.

3. Pause before every meal or snack
This is the most important and integral part of making today (and every day) healthy. Our Creator designed food to be good and for it to be enjoyed, but not for it to be ultimate or even satisfying. He is. He is ultimately satisfying and longs for us to eat and drink of Him. So every day, no matter the chaos or the calm, pause, be satisfied in Jesus,  thank Him for the food, and then enjoy what He has graciously given us. “I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me shall not hunger.” –Jesus (John 6:35)

So as I’ve utilized these 3 steps in my own life I have rehearsed: “Breakfast, Water, Pause”. I hope this helps you today and for many more days to come. It’s small, but it’s been mighty in my life. Cheers!