coffee & cuddles.

 coffee & cuddles on Thanksgiving morning.

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Code was on shift, so Gunner and I took on the family activities by ourselves. We ate lunch, did a lot of exploring on some family's land, and then came home for naps. 

Gunner woke up from his nap early and upset, so we spent the rest of it cuddled in the twin bed in his bedroom. To some that might not seem like much, but I have so often been the mom that stresses when the nap is ruined or the schedule was off, so it felt nice to give into the natural and just be. Besides, there's nothing better than hearing your little softly snore next to you.

Today I plan to do a little Black Friday shopping at the non-crazy stores. I've had my eyes on some new stockings and after two failed wreath crafting attempts, I need to buy a wreath to hang above our Christmas mantle. And we'll celebrate one more Thanksgiving this Saturday!

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Are you done celebrating?
Did you do any shopping?