a random thursday (an adoption update)

There is nothing more amazing than being called to something and then watching the Lord make it happen, make it possible again and again. For us, that calling was and is international adoption. 

If you don't know, international adoptions typically cost $30,000+. The cost is probably what has led to the stereotype that only rich people can afford to adopt. Rich, we are not...well, not financially at least. Something else specific to our adoption and our agency is the fact that once we are matched with a child, they will be removed from the orphanage into a foster home where conditions will be much more favorable. It's an amazing opportunity that our child will be given, but it doesn't come without it's financial costs. When we are matched with our son and he is moved into the foster home, our agency needs a payment of $16,000 from us.

All of that information is to say that through out this whole process many of the payments have seemed doable. They come in smaller amounts, averaging $3,000-$6,000, so they just aren't as daunting as that big $16,000 payment. And with our hoping that we will be matched with our son by February, that payment was getting closer and closer. After two church fundraisers, a shop my closet sale, and a donation made by our church, we were $4,500 away from that big payment. We were feeling the pressure.

We began praying and planning. We were going to throw together a list minute chili cookout where people would pay per plate. I had begun the initial steps of planning an Instagram auction. We were doing and praying, doing and praying. But, if I'm being totally honest, I was probably doing a lot more doing than praying. And then, on Thursday we received a call.

An anonymous donation of $5,000 had been made to our adoption by a member of our church.

Honestly, I still don't know what to say about that. My first thought is unworthiness, followed by supreme gratitude...and I suppose that's an okay mixture because I am not worthy of any of the grace bestowed on me by God, but goodness I am SO thankful.

So, we have that big payment covered, the one we could never image happening. And my favorite part of it all is that we had absolutely nothing to do with. Of course every fundraiser is blessed by the Lord, but part of me can feel proud, boastful when a fundraiser I put together, succeeds. BUT THIS...we had nothing to do with. 

My life was changed, an orphan's life was changed on a random Thursday by a person I do not know.