why i quit the #31days series.

Two week ago I plunged full force into my 31 days series, 31 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Me. I loved the topic and I had a lot of great response (THANK YOU!) to my posts, but here's something I've learned about writing for me in this season of life...I don't like when it feels like a job. I don't like the restraints, and stress, and pressure of it feeling like a job. I do get that the 31 Days challenge is just that...a challenge for your writing, and maybe someday it'll be right for me, but it just wasn't this year. 

The Lord also really placed some things on my heart during my short stint with the challenge; things I really do want my kids to know, but things I want you to know about me too. Still, those things needed a little more thought, and time, and more than a series to get out into this space. 

They'll come though. Slowly but surely. I hope you'll stick around.