Toilet Paper Pumpkins

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This year I've been much more into Halloween decor than I have been in the past. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that holidays are getting more and more exciting as Gunner grows older, and it has been so fun to watch him really experience and notice pumpkins and costumes for the first time.

A few days ago when I was making a Target run, I decided to redeem this Target coupon and buy a Cottonelle Triple Roll Twelve Pack of toilet paper (where you get a FREE box of Kleenex too, while supplies last!) for a fun Halloween craft for Gunner and I to do together. 


Depending on the age of your kiddos, they may be able to do this entire project themselves OR they may need guidance from you. Gunner is still so young that I did all of the actual "building" of the pumpkins and he just decorated a few.

Here's what you'll need for this craft...


1) Roll of toilet paper
2) Orange tissue paper
3) Clear scotch tape
4) Green pipe cleaner
5) Marker or items to decorate the pumpkin

We regularly have all of these items in our home and craft closet, so this craft cost us next to nothing. Now, onto making your pumpkins. Each pumpkin takes less than a minute to make, so it's perfect for short attention span toddlers.

Step 1: Begin by laying the piece of tissue paper out horizontally and place the roll of toilet paper near the left hand edge of the tissue paper. // Step 2: Roll the toilet paper in the tissue paper until you have this completely rolled, tube shape. // Step 3: On the bottom end, fold in the excess paper and secure with a piece of clear tape. 

Step 4: Flip the pumpkin where the tapped side is on the bottom. Gather the excess paper at the top and pinch it to create a little bit of a stem. // Step 5: Secure the pinched top paper with the green pipe cleaner. // Step 6: Decorate to your heart's content. 

Easy, right?

I am so in love with this project because it was SO easy. I decorated my pumpkin with your traditional Jack-O-Lantern face by cutting the face shapes out of black paper and taping them on. Gunner colored his pumpkin with markers and decorated with a few stickers too; and it's now proudly displayed in his play room.


I also made a few plain pumpkins that I'll keep around into November and the Thanksgiving holidays. And I think we'll make a few extras to give to our grandparents too! You could even attach a gift card to one of these to give to your kid's preschool teachers as a Halloween, thank you gift.

How would you use these pumpkins?
Gift? Decor? Party craft? I'd love to see your results!