i love traditions.

Dear kids, 

I'm a traditions person. I believe they make everything more fun, everything more special.

I also don't believe they have to big traditions, sometimes simple is my most favorite. We've already done our best to implement the little traditions. Every Saturday is donut day in our house. Right now it's fun with just the three of us but I can't wait till our house is full of little faces...and lots of sugar. 

I hope you love our family traditions as much as I loved the traditions I grew up with. So, when you're annoyed with my over exuberance for donut Saturday or Christmas light looking on Christmas Eve, please understand my heart in it all. 

I want the best, most special memories for you. Your dad and I both do. We might not have a lot of money or have a lot of things, but we have so much love for you and want to make your life every bit as magical as you have made ours.