alphabet activity series


When I was teaching I learned that my best lessons were thought out, planned, and prepared ahead of time. I worked with other Language Arts teachers that were creative on the fly, but that just wasn't me.

I'm learning that I'm the same when it comes to motherhood. I don't do well when plans are made last minute or day of. My best days begin with a general plan and schedule, plus a few activities. So, I've decided to launch into somewhat of an activity series with Gunner and I'll be doing my best to document it all here. Maybe at the end I'll even put together a plan for you guys to download?

We'll begin with an alphabet activity series since I think it's something Gunner can handle and grasp right now. His speech is still a little delayed after his many months of ear infections and not hearing well, but he's growing leaps and bounds and I know he can handle repeating letters. For now, it's not about letter recognition, but more about letter reciting.

Right now my plan is to do a letter a week, so this series will obviously take us through several months. And here's what I'm thinking as our rough plan for each week...

- Glue items that begin with that week's letter to a letter outline (dry beans on a B outline).
- I'll cook a new food or recipe that begins with the letter of the week.
- We'll check out a book at the library about an animal whose name starts with the letter of the week.
- And a few other random crafts dealing with the letter of the week. 

I'll probably spend the next week prepping things, ideas, and our schedule, and we'll officially start the second week of November after we get back from our family vacation. 

Do you plan out activities with your kiddos or are you a fly by the seat of your pants, creative type?  
I think both are great, but it's even more important to know which one you are.