tips & products for maintaining your ombre hair color

If you follow me on any of my social media outlets, you probably saw the picture I posted through Instagram of my new ombre hair. Yep, I followed the trend and I love it. I LOVE when my hair is super blonde and highlighted, but honestly, I can't afford the maintenance so I thought ombre was a nice compromise. Intentional "roots" makes maintining the ombre look affordable, but I still get the nice balance of blonde ends.

The upkeep in regards to hair dying is obviously very minimal when you go with the ombre style, but I had no idea my hair stylist would recommend so many products to keep it healthy. I thought I'd share those products with you guys today in case you're considering going ombre or you've already done it and are looking for the best way to maintain its' look and health.

Please, remember that I'm not a hair stylist and absolutely do not claim to know a ton about hair. I'm just sharing the information from my stylist because I assume there are others girls out there like me that could benefit from the extra information!

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First of all, one thing I NEVER considered with the ombre style is that you're applying the most intense color (in this case, really blonde color) to the weakest part (the ends) of your hair. My stylist really stressed to me hair important it is to baby your ends with the right products. 

Now, onto the products that I use...

1) MATRIX BIOLAGE COLOR CARE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. This is the brand of shampoo and conditioner that my stylist recommended for everyday type use. It isn't particular to blonde colored hair, just colored hair in general. I can honestly say I can tell a difference in the "length" or my color when I use these two products.

2) IT'S A 10 -- FIVE MINUTE HAIR REPAIR FOR BLONDES. I skip the use of the Biolage conditioner 2-3 times a week and use this on my blonde ends instead. It keeps them healthy and strong even after the extreme bleaching they have gone through. This product also keeps the color looking nice and platinum and keeps it from getting that "brassy" look. Obviously, this product is for blonde coloring only. This product can also be used all over the hair, but because my hair is only blonde at the ends, I only apply it at the ends.

3) MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL. This helps keeps moisture in the hair and I use this to my damp hair EVERY TIME  I blow dry and straighten my hair. I apply a small amount to my ends because, again, that is the weakest area. I also have that gets greasy and oily very easily and I know putting this product at the root would only make that happen faster. I have friends with curly hair that also use this product to tame frizz. My stylist didn't recommend a certain brand but the brand I purchased is Organix.

I purchased all of my products at ULTA (you can also order online!) but you should be able to find most of them at a hair salon or any store that carries professional brand products. 

Lastly, I should note that these products are pricey. Honestly, I've never been someone that invests a ton of money into any kind of beauty product BUT I use a very minimal amount of each of these products and know that they'll last a long time. I also try to remember that I invested money into having my hair dyed and if these products help maintain it and lengthen its' "life," it's absolutely worth the money.

Hope this helps! Leave a comment if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer!