saying yes to a dream

A few months back I wrote a post about dreams and asked you to share both your big and small dreams with me. I also shared one of our biggest dreams with you. We dreamed of owning land and having a space to bless people with, a place where people could stay rent free when they've fallen on hard times. 

Then, last week, I posted an Instagram photo teasing that our family had big news to share. After several frantic texts from friends I realized it probably sounded like a tease of maybe accepting a referral of a child or something..but alas, it was not.

So, here it is. Last month, just two months after writing that original post, God placed an incredible opportunity in our laps. We'd been praying about our desire to own land, asking for guidance if it was truly His will to have us also create this haven to bless people with...and He said yes. 

We found an acre lot of land just five minutes from our church home. An acre lot much closer to some of our best friends. An acre lot in a great school district. An acre lot close enough to the highway that it won't be a beating for Cody to drive to work from. An acre lot that cost less a month than a gym membership. Though really, I should say God found the acre lot.

So, after much paperwork, we are officially land owners. We plan to pay the land off in the next few years, build on it, and then move there for the long term. We'll still own our current home and rent it out, just like we still own and rent out the home we lived in before this one. Not only is the land a "yes" to our hopes and dreams, but it also helps us continue building up our rental properties that we benefit from.

We've already been out a few times to trim trees and work on the yard since it sat unused for so many years. I, of course, ended up with the "worse case of poison ivy the doctor has even seen" (which is a direct quote from the CareNow doctor) and realized I probably should've listened to Cody when he said it would be better to do yard work in pants.

I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to feel called to something, pray about it, and watch it quickly begin to come to fruition. I know not all of God's callings or plans are like that -- adoption certainly isn't quick -- but it sure is nice every once in awhile.

Big front porch, storm cellar, and chicken coop here I a few years.  

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