If you've been around my blog for awhile, you know the role Mocha Club has played in my life. Through Mocha Club (and this blog) we raised $1,000 toward orphan care and I got that big tattoo I've always wanted. The Tattoo Project ignited my love and passion for, and my awareness of the plight of the orphan. Shortly after the completion of The Tattoo Project, we decided to pursue orphan care in a BIG way...we decided to adopt. 

When you're adopting you often hear something similar to this..."Wow. That is such a great thing you are doing for that child. You guys are such good people." I probably said something similar to people in the adoption process in the past. It's an awkward compliment to receive because I don't feel like I'm good or great, I feel completely blessed to be chosen for this journey. I feel as if I'm being changed more than I could ever change an orphan's life. 

Africa has changed me and grown me. Africa has taught me to be grateful, taught me to be missional, taught me to be content, taught me to value peace and not things, taught me to live with less, taught me to rely on the Lord...I can't imagine what else I'll learn as we continue our journey through the adoption process and then forever continue to be the parents of a boy from Africa.


Mocha Club has a campaign called "I Need Africa" that is relaunching this year with INA 2.0. The name comes from a journal entry penned by Barrett (founder of Mocha Club and fashionABLE) where he simply wrote..."I need Africa more than Africa needs me." Yes. Absolutely. 

INA 2.0 is officially launching TODAY, and I'm excited to share how YOU can be a part. INA 2.0 exists to continue support of all Mocha Club projects and to help us realize just how much Africa can do in changing us, shaping us, and forming us. To help launch the INA 2.0 initiative, Mocha Club is debuting two exclusive INA products that you're seriously going to want to get your hands on...the INA Scarf and the INA Pocket Tee.

INA2.0 products 

Mocha Club sent me my very own INA Pocket Tee and I seriously wear it at least once a week. I'm a jeans and tshirt girl at heart so this was right up my alley. The cute white and blue striped pocket is made from a fashionABLE scarf and it's my favorite part. 

If you'd like an INA scarf or the INA pocket tee of your own, there are a few ways you can go about getting one...

1) If you aren't currently a member of Mocha Club, you can join Mocha Club monthly supporting one of their 5 project areas & choose either product for FREE.
2) If you're already a member of Mocha Club you just need to invite a friend to give to Mocha Club monthly & you can choose either product for FREE.
3) OR you can purchase either product in the MC store.

Lastly, I'd love for you to check out the new INA 2.0 promo video and share it across your social media channels. I've watched it several times and it still brings tears to my eyes. It makes me so happy to know that my little Titus is coming from a people of joy, appreciation, and faith. I can't wait to get him home and teach him about all of the beautiful things his country and his people have to offer.