DIY Fire Hose With Pottery Barn Kids

Thank you to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post of Halloween fun!

With Halloween right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about Gunner's Halloween costume. I love the idea of throwing in some DIY projects with an already made costume for the perfect mix of simplicity and originality.

This year, I am completely in love with Pottery Barn Kid's line of Halloween costumes. The line is full of classic costume designs that you can complete with handmade accessories making them unique to your kiddo. I loved all of the costumes in the line (I mean, this baby elephant costume...I die), but as soon as I saw the little firefighter costume I knew I had to go with it.

Kids Firefighter Costume

The costume is complete with an adjustable hard helmet, bib overalls, and coat with buckles, zippers, and pockets but still, it was missing just one thing...a fire hose!

We quickly remedied the problem of a missing firehouse with a trip to the store to pick up a pool noodle (on sale now that summer is coming to an end!), some black duct tape, and blue poster board.

1) Cut the pool noodle float in half. A sharp steak knife did the trick for us. 
2) Wrap the pool noodle in black duct tape. 
3) Cut a water design from the blue poster board. 
4) Hot glue the "water" into the end of the pool noodle. 
5) Let hot glue dry completely and get to putting fires out!

So simple, right? And the entire accessory only cost me $6.00. If you have duct tape and blue paper on hand, it will be even cheaper. My little firefighter loves playing with his new fire hose, and his Daddy firefighter has loved giving him "lessons."

Be sure to head over to Pottery Barn Kids to see the rest of their costume line, and cash in on their current deal of 20% off + free shipping when you buy one of their treat bags online. 

Are you all about DIY costumes or do you go store bought? 
Or, are you like me and you find a nice in between? 
Do share! No judgment here!