community + where I'd love to meet you

I like to live my life on the fast track. Now, I'm aware that that probably made me sound way more daring than I am, so bare with me. I was engaged at 19, married just a few months after my 20th birthday, and became a mama when I was just 23 years old. Most of my friends were still getting the hang of college while I was planning my wedding. And most of my friends were getting their first jobs while I was learning to become a mom.

I found myself feeling a little lonely as I began my pregnancy journey, so I started this blog with "Dear Peanut" letters to a baby that I didn't know yet. That baby, of course, was Gunner, and the blog that first began with the name Texas Lovebirds (a name I came up with on a whim because I needed something as a domain) is now this space...a space where I am continuing to tell MY story.

I never imagined through blogging that I'd be challenged to grow as a believer, do a fundraiser to get a big tattoo, open up about my struggles and fears, share our choice to adopt, or find a community of women that gets me like no one else. 

I'd love to meet you this year at The Influence Conference, the place where I truly felt that feeling of community for the very first time (you can read my recap posts from last year -- here and here). The Influence Conference place is where I first met like minded women who wanted to grow our online spaces, all while bringing glory to the Lord. It is absolutely not too late to buy your ticket and join in on a wonderful weekend. The Lord has been moving in so many situations and getting so many women to the conference that had just dreamed about it. That could be you too. I'd encourage you to pray boldly and fervently if you think you'd be blessed by this conference. I believe He will listen. 

Today, I'm linking up for the conference link up and answering a few assigned questions. So, here they are...

TWO THINGS I'LL BE SURE TO PACK IN MY BAG // phone. Although honestly, it's more like a permanent appendage on my body and is not likely to ever actually be in my bag. Two...paper for notes! There are SO MANY other things I'll have (like underwear, hello.) but I was limited to two, y'all. Only listing two things is so hard for this list maker.

One...seeing and spending time with my blogging BFF, Mary. Expect to see many ridiculous tweets and pictures. Two...specifically learning about the femininity the Lord has blessed me with (somewhat of the "theme" of this year's conference) and how to use it to continue to grow my influence.

Now, get to buying your tickets + scheduling your plane ride! 
And email me if you have any questions about the conference!