their inner voice

I found this quote on Pinterest a week or so ago and I find myself recalling this quote almost daily...keeping me watchful of the words that leave my lips; especially in those moments when I'm tired, or flustered, or exhausted.

Last Sunday, during our weekly church home group meeting, Gunner had made his way to our host's kitchen cabinets and began emptying them for probably the hundredth time. I'd said a firm "no" every single time and was honestly a little embarrassed that my words didn't seem to affect him in the slightest. I picked him up, grabbed his little hands, looked him square in the eyes and said "Gunner, you're being bad."

I don't know...I just didn't like the way those words sounded coming from my lips. 

I'm not really sure of the right words in every situation with Gunner. I have a feeling that there will be many moments of "Yuck. I don't like the way that sounded.", but I'm learning to be conscious of what is coming out of my mouth when speaking to my son. One, because I want my words to always glorify the Lord, but two, because I want my words to build Gunner up, make him feel positively about himself.

This quote also really has me thinking about how I will speak to Titus when he is here with us. With Gunner, there is so much I have had control over in his life thus far, but I won't have that same capability with Titus. Titus will, of course, eventually come to know that he is adopted and while in my mind this is such a beautiful, positive thing, I also have to be aware that he might not always feel the same towards it. My words towards Titus need to be just as thought out, just as intentional. 

More than anything I want my children to hear "I love you" multiple times a day and know and understand how perfectly the Lord made them to be and just how great I think they are. Yes, flawed (as we all are), but loved beyond belief.

I'm telling you, there's so many things about parenthood that are hard to prepare yourself for. This is one of those things I never thought about, but is now something I feel so passionate about. If only we put as much thought and purpose into our words as we did into our birth plan or our registry list. I am so convicted by that thought. 

How do you watch your words with your children?