if you were to come over for coffee

If you were to come over for coffee, I'd probably be cleaning up the mess from breakfast with Gunner. He's obsessed with berries of all kinds right now so you're bound to find red and blue stained hands greeting you at the door. 

We'd most likely make ourselves comfortable in Gunner's playroom so he could drive his trucks around and beg you to read his Dora The Explorer book to him yet another time.

I'd tell you that yesterday I spent more money on haircare products (all suggested to me by my stylist) than I ever have, but it felt kind of good to spoil myself...and my hair. 

I'd ask if you've spoiled yourself lately. We all deserve that sometimes -- especially you fellow mamas. 

If you were to come over for coffee, I would tell you that we'd been a little worried about the fact that Gunner's speech hasn't progressed lately and we thought his doctor would recommend seeing a speech pathologist. BUT she was 100% okay with where he is verbally right now, and this mama will rest in that. Amen.

I'd ask you if you openly talk about blogging to your non-blogging family and friends. Sometimes, I find myself shying away from talking about this space and my connections here. I'd like to change that.

I'd ask you if you're more of a sermon or worship music person when it comes to a church service. I think a lot of people have a preference, something that really connects them to the Lord, and I always find it so fascinating to hear what someone's "preference" is. For the record, I am totally a worship music girl. Cody is all about a good sermon.

If you were to come over for coffee I'd probably apologize for the laundry still sitting in a basket outside of the laundry room, and then I'd go off on my tangent of how I hate that we feel like we have to apologize for being real. It's definitely my latest soap box.

 If you were to come over for coffee, what would you want to ask, what would you want to share?