hospital visits & prayer

Life never ceases to amaze me with the curve balls it throws.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you've probably seen me mentioning Gunner being sick and not sleeping...again. We took him to see his pediatrician on Wednesday when he was running a fever of 103 and after another round of tests, we were told his sickness was, yet again, viral. We went home with instructions to treat the symptoms and fever and try to keep him well hydrated. 

Cody was on shift on Thursday and after a rough night of being up and down, Gunner and I spent most of the morning just lounging around. He started getting really fussy as I began to get his lunch ready and then refused to eat anything. Around that time I began to notice a lot of shaking and trembling in his arms. A few minutes later all of his extremities had turned purple and he was very lethargic. I called his pediatrician who directed me to take him straight to the ER. My mom met me at the house and rode with us, and Cody left work and met us at the ER. 

The doctor at the ER confirmed that his episode was most likely a minor febrile seizure and ordered a urine test and blood test to check out his levels. The tests were excruciating to watch and I just know that the Lord was my strength to get through them. After waiting we found out that Gunner's white blood cell count was pretty high...a sure sign that his body is trying to fight some sort of infection. At this point the doctors are under the impression that he has some sort of bacterial infection, although we won't know any specifics for a few more days once the cultures are done. 

We were discharged late that afternoon and are home now...again, treating the symptoms and waiting.  

Honestly, my mama heart and mind is just tired from running all of the "what if" scenarios back and forth and around and around. Doing my best to rest and find peace in His promises right now.

We would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. Please pray that the fevers stay low and we can stay out of the ER. Please pray that the infections, if that's what they are, are minor and will require no extensive treatment. 

Thanks, y'all.