an adoption update -- home study is finalized!

Yesterday when I posted the above image on Instagram + a little thought to Titus, I realized from several comments that I haven't kept you guys too updated on things. 

Sorry about that. It wasn't intentional. Honestly, it's been awhile since things have felt like they're moving. I was kind of, okay, pretty stinking frustrated with the lack of progress so I kind of just stopped talking about it...not because I wanted the problem to disappear but because I hated to come back and say that we still hadn't moved forward.

BUT, today, I'm here to say that...OUR HOME STUDY IS FINALIZED!

It was official as of this past Friday and it took almost two months, but we're done! Now we're almost done with filling out and will then file our I600A application for pre-approval of an orphan visa. Filing and receiving approval for this is the last step before being put on the waiting list for a referral, so I am super excited to get this paperwork in the mail!

So, that's where we are, friends! Moving and making progress. Thank you for your constant prayers, love, interest, and support. You guys are the best.