a soft heart and thick skin

Blogging and social media in general, I guess, has presented many situations I never really thought I'd encounter. One of those situations being complete ridicule and judgment from a complete stranger. I'll admit, I like to pretend like I'm tough and I don't care what people think of me, but it hurts. I am way more sensitive than I like to let on. Sarcasm and a "tough" attitude have always been an easy disguise for me. 

My most recent situation has left me praying for a soft heart and thick skin. 

A few days ago someone questioned my character and our choice to adopt because of a tweet that I worded poorly. An innocent tweet about selling a blogging conference ticket, mind you. Now, I bring up none of this to bash the other person; I'd be no better than she was in that moment if I did that. The hateful remark made to me through an email has been resolved and forgiven (truly!), and I'm happy to say that I serve a God who loves me just as I am...poor wording or not. He knows me. He knows my heart. He loves me for all of it. 

However; I'd be lying if I said I was able to just forget the comment. It's hard for me to understand how someone feels justified in criticizing and ridiculing a complete stranger.

Do I put my life and opinion out there for the public to see? Absolutely. When I put my life and opinion out there am I opening myself up to the opportunity to be criticized? For sure. So many of us do that. BUT, I will never, ever think that warrants hateful words spewed in anyone's direction. 

We will most likely never know every single thing a person is going through. And I can almost guarantee that we will never know exactly how our words affected them.

The situation has made me think a lot about a quote that is accredited to several different people, including Plato and Ian MacLaren...a quote that has made it's way onto my bathroom mirror...

Be kind today, friends. Kinder than necessary.
Be love and be light. It is absolutely what we are called to do.