things we dream about

I'm kind of a dreamer. Sometimes in the big things and sometimes in the small things. 

Like I dream of a perfectly eclectic home built of Target finds, investment pieces, and vintage items passed down from family. Or I dream of finding the perfect, fluffy, yet simple, bedding for the day we finally decide to invest money into our master bedroom. The small things that don't matter much, but are still fun to dream about.

I've mentioned on Instagram a few times one of our bigger dreams. We'd absolutely love to own a big, old house out on a few acres of land. Have a place for our kids to run and explore in the safety of their own backyard. We've contemplated having a little chicken coupe and Cody promised I could have the storm cellar I've always wanted.

My most favorite part of our dream is that we'd love to build a guest house/bunk area where we could bless people with a place to stay for free...whether it be a young, single mom and her kids who are looking for an in-between place or a youth band that's playing at our church's DNow weekend. A sleeping area, bathroom, and a small kitchen. People would of course always be welcome to eat in our kitchen, but a young family would be able to keep the dignity of providing their own meal for their children.

I want to cry just thinking about being able to do that. 

My ties to the middle of nowhere kind of living go back to my great grandparents who raised my grandparents and their siblings in a tiny town called Telephone, just on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around feeding the cows and walking dirt, country roads with my cousins while visiting my great grandparents. The simplicity was beautiful. Even when we were old enough to have cell phones, they were packed away in our bags while we were there...there was no service and there were better memories to be had together. 

I long for my children to have those same experiences in their lives.

I'd love for you to tell me some of your dreams for your future...big OR small. Share!