quieting myself

Can I be honest here?

It's been a rough two weeks in our camp. We're in the middle of the 18 month old sleep regression (yep, that's apparently a thing) and there has been little night sleep happening. The past two nights we've had less than two hours each night and I am exhausted. When I'm tired, my patience with everything wanes, and my attitude is definitely subpar...I hate that.

There has been good though...a first haircut, some family dreaming, and an update on our home study from our social worker. We're hoping to finally have the home study finalized and submitted to the agency at the end of this week, so that's a relief and definitely a prayer answered.

I've spent my nights up with Gunner doing a lot of praying and talking to God about things that have been bothering me, things that haven't healed with time; and I think this week I might take a little break from this space to do a lot of listening to Him too. I know if I quiet myself, I can hear Him better. 

Plus, I'm hoping to get some house projects done, including a start on Gunner's big boy room; as well as doing some good old fashioned book reading. On my reading list -- (finishing) "7" by Jen Hatmaker and "Grace Based Parenting" by Tim Kimmel.

I'm really looking forward to this self imposed, restful, learning "vacation."

I'll talk to you guys in a week! I'll, of course, still be tweeting & instagraming though, so make sure you're keeping up with me over there.