my current struggle

A few months ago I was first introduced to a wonderful nonprofit adoption ministry called MercyFound. Melissa, one of the ministry's co-founders, and I had chatted a few times via email about the adoption journey and when I found out she was behind a ministry like this, I wasn't surprised. She has the sweetest, most encouraging spirit and I've loved seeing her use that through MercyFound.

Today, I'm excited to share that I am officially a contributing writer to their blog and my first post with them is live! 

I'd love for you to go read where my heart currently is in this waiting that we're doing. I can tell you it isn't always pretty, some days I really struggle, and I openly admit that in this post; but, I can also tell you that I'm constantly trying to redirect it to Him. 

I'd love for you to come read the post, leave your thoughts, and share your current struggles. 

You can find the post right here. See you over there!