life lately

 a gift from Cody's parents

I emailed our home study social worker on Thursday to check on the progress of our home study. The guesstimated date of completion was the end of June. Unfortunately our social worker had several emergency cases come up and the writing of ours hasn't even been begun. We're next on the list to start, but we're not near completion yet.

I know these things happen and honestly I should be thanking my lucky stars that this is the first little hiccup we've experienced along this journey. But, really, I'm kind of sad that we're further behind than I thought. It's okay. This is a very small delay in the scheme of things, but it still isn't what I wanted. I swear, someday I'm gonna learn that it isn't all up to me. And so, we're just kind of waiting. 

Other than that we're trying to survive the hot weather here in Texas. It seemed to arrive and settle in quickly. This past Saturday we hit 108 and were still at 100 at 7:30 at night. Add in that good ole' Texas humidity, the weather has been pretty brutal. 

We've kept cool by playing in the sprinklers and spending time in places we don't usually frequent too the mall. Wide open spaces + AC is heaven for our little busy body guy, and us too. 

I love seeing the little drops of water all over his nose and cheeks. And when they linger on his long eyelashes I just about die from cuteness. 

I think I'm going to try to make Gunner a sensory box this week. I've pinned a few to come up with some fun "themes" and as much as he loves digging in sand and dirt, I think he'd really enjoy it. 

How do you (& your kiddos if you have them!) beat the summer heat?

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