how do you find balance?

Sometimes I wonder if I really want to blog anymore.
Sometimes I wonder if all of the time put into this is really worth it. 

This isn't a "See ya later. I'm done blogging." post, so hear me out...

I often think about what life will be like when Titus gets home, just like I imagined what life would be like before Gunner was born. This much I assume is probably true...I'll be busier. I'll have less time to sit down. I'll have less time to write. And that's okay with me. 

I know that I can always make time to write and blog, I know many mommas that do, and they have many more children than I do. But the real question is if I want to make the time.  

I have a fantastic husband who knows that this blog is a priority to me and works to help me find time to write, a husband who is completely open to me having writing time in the afternoon while he takes Gunner to the park. I am so lucky for that. But, when I don't go along, when I sit myself behind this computer screen instead of tagging along, I feel like I'm missing something. Maybe that's "mommy guilt" telling me that, but lately I feel so keenly aware of how fast time flies and how fast Gunner is growing, and I don't want to miss a second of it.

However, this blog has really blessed me too. I've met community, made some really great friends, and the financial benefits have helped us afford things we wouldn't have been able to purchase on our own. I've seen people donate over $1,000 towards orphan care through The Tattoo Project, and you guys have emotionally blessed us as well as financially blessed us so much thus far in our adoption journey.

I guess I'm finding myself at this crossroads because I don't really do things half way -- I either 100% do them or I don't do them at all, and I've approached this blog is that way. 

I guess, well, more like I know my mindset towards the blog needs to change in order for me to find that comfortable balance. I don't have to post daily or tweet daily or Facebook update daily or answer emails daily...but that's not an easy change for this type A, over achiever personality.

I'm learning that I need to find the balance between being consistently present in this space that I've worked hard for and that I love, but also keep it in it's "proper place" because it will never be more important than my role as a wife and mother.

How do you find the balance? 
Anyone else battle this issue?