GoodNites Bed Mats For Overnight Protection

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Last week when I was at my home away from home aka Target, I came across these GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats. They were in the "training pants" section and clearly made for older kiddos that are potty training, BUT I knew they'd be helpful with a consistent overnight problem we have with Gunner. 

I know I've mentioned it before, but Gunner often leaks through his overnight diaper during the night, leaving him with wet pajamas and leaving me with sheets and a mattress pad to change. And sometimes he completely leaks through the sheets and mattress cover right onto the mattress. 

So, I decided to use these potty training overnight bed mats to my advantage and if you're a momma who faces overnight diaper leaks, you can definitely use this trick too. 

The first thing I noticed when taking the bed mats out of the package was how soft they were. I've seen bed mats in the past that are plasticy and make that horrible crunchy noise, but these aren't like that at all. They also have an adhesive backing to keep them from sliding around with movement.

I did notice that all of the diagrams showed the bed mat being placed on top of the sheets, but I decided to place it under his sheets to keep him from messing with it during the night. Plus, the package listed that these mats could be a choking hazard for children under three, but by placing the mat under the sheets, that would no longer be a concern.

The bed mats are obviously made for a bigger standard size mattress like a twin or a full, so I decided to wrap the edges around the mattress to make it work. You could definitely trim the mat, but you might risk messing with the leakage barrier and adhesive...not risks I wanted to take. 

Just for a size note, here's how the bed mat looked in Gunner's crib...for picture purposes I'm showing it laid on top; but, like I said, I'd suggest putting it UNDER the sheets if you're using it on a crib. This is much safer for use with kids three and under.

We've been using these mats for a few days now and while I never wish for a diaper leak, I'm happy to say that the mat 100% protected his mattress during a big (talking through the sheets and mattress cover) nap time diaper leak yesterday. Crisis and mattress scrubbing averted!

If you decide to use this trick, let me know! 

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