find your moment & revel in it

If you're a DFW local, you're sure to have heard that Kidd (the lead host and director of the show) passed away unexpectedly at a charity event this weekend. Kidd was funny, giving (learn more about his charity here), and for some reason I kind of felt like I knew him. Situations like this, celebrity or someone you personally knew, are always a strong reminder of the frailty of life. 

It reminded me of and reinforced how I've been feeling lately...wanting to enjoy every moment..every sight...every giggle...every cuddle. I'm glad I took this past week to do that. I want to learn to do that more often in the day-to-day. 

I hope you'll take a chance to do that too. And you don't have to be a mama to want to soak in every moment. I remember when Cody and I were dating and we'd just drive around town with the windows down...soak in those moments. And when I was teaching, and things just "clicked" with my students...oh, how I soaked in those moments with a smile. If you're in the season of weekly girls nights, can I tell you how much I miss those sometimes? Soak those times in.

Find your moment. Revel in it. 

 breakfast for dinner.
 catching raindrops.
thrift finds from Mary.
my newest tattoo -- the story on this is coming soon!

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