celebrating the right things.

There are a lot of "shoulds" when it comes to motherhood. 

I thought about this last night as I was climbing back into bed at 2:30 am. We're going on two weeks of Gunner randomly waking in the middle of the night and he usually needs around 45 minutes of rocking to fall back asleep. And as I was climbing back into bed with an arm completely numb from cradling a 30 pound toddler for an hour, I found myself thinking.."I should probably try to enjoy these middle of the night cuddles."

And I'm not seeing that there is anything wrong with some of the shoulds; in fact, I'm sure most of them are true. I'm sure some day I'll be wishing my teenage boy would need his momma a little more, BUT that doesn't mean that the shoulds provide any less pressure...

You should soak in the newborn stage.
You should breastfeed them for a year.
You should make their baby food at home.
You should enjoy late night cuddles.

And then when you aren't able to measure up to the shoulds, you begin listing all of the things you couldn't do. Maybe you couldn't breastfeed for more than a month or you gave up on all of the laundry that cloth diapering creates, and if you're anything like me, you find yourself semi-apologizing for those things. Ridiculous.

Today, let's celebrate the things we do well as mamas. Let's trade the talk of all the things that everyone says we should do and all the things we couldn't do, and let's celebrate who we are and what we do right every.single.day.

Me? I'm proud of the fact that I have a child that is so happy, so content. I'm proud that when he's in his own home, he is filled with the most joy. I'm proud that he has this intrinsic desire to share. I'm proud that he loves animals and books. I'm proud that he is growing up with in a home that knows and talks about Jesus often. I'm proud that on days when he wants to eat hot dogs for every meal that I can just shrug my shoulders and know that even though hot dogs might make up 95% of his diet, he has two parents who love him fiercely.

I mean, those are the things that really matter, right? Not what kind of baby food he ate, what kind of diapers he wore, or if I actually enjoyed waking up at 2 am. I want to celebrate the right things...not the shoulds and could nots.

What are you choosing to celebrate when it comes to motherhood today?