Where Are We Going?

With the blog rebranding finally done (thanks, Bobbi!), I've been thinking a lot about the further direction of this blog. Life is constantly changing so it only make sense that this space does too. Time is precious, especially as Gunner is growing and we inch closer to the time Titus will be home, and I want to make sure I'm investing time appropriately.

I've been asking...What do I like about what I'm doing now? What would I change? Where would I like to see it go? And second...What feels like it's taking too much time? What is stealing my joy in regards to blogging? And while it's certainly not the most important part about blogging...If I'm going to make money off of this, what things make me enough money in regards to the time I put in? And if I'm going to make money off of posts/advertisers, am I making sure that they 100% fit my blog? 

All of that being said, I've decided to stop accepting sidebar and bottom of post ads/sponsors. I know that there are a lot of people who have success with ad space and sponsors, but for me, I'm realizing it financially isn't worth the time I invest in scheduling promotional tweets and Facebook updates, setting up giveaways, guest posts, and group features, etc.

Now, that isn't to say that it hasn't been worth it in regards to some of the incredible bloggers and shop owners I've met. Carrie, Danette, and Lisa (who are currently hanging out as sponsors on my sidebar) are some of my favorite bloggers and writers out there, and I wouldn't have found them if it wasn't for blog sponsorship. And they aren't the only ones I've met through this avenue.

The relationships I've made have absolutely been worth it. 
But the work it takes and the money I make off it just isn't worth it right now.

So, at the end of this month I'll remove the option to purchase ad space from my blog. I'm not saying this is a forever change, but it is a right now change. I will be filling my sidebar with the buttons of blogs that I personally know, read, believe in, and love. I hope you'll check those blogs out too.

I will continue to promote brands and products I believe in through sponsored posts. You'll know when I'm paid for those things, but I hope you know I'd never promote something I don't love or haven't personally tried. These sponsored posts are a financial blessing to our family, especially during adoption. They help justify the time I spend in this space, but they also help us bring Titus home. 

Make sense? Sure hope so! I just like to keep y'all updated. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. xo

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