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Lately I've been learning that life is all about perspective. The good and the bad all depends through the lens you view it in. It's not always easy to choose the positive lens. The lens that says "this may be bad, but it could be so much worse." But lately, for me, it's made my worst situations feel a little more manageable.

This past Friday and Saturday, Gunner had been fussy and running a fever. He wasn't eating as well as he usually does but he's also cutting five teeth right now so I attributed it to that. On Saturday evening, around 6:45 Gunner's temperature skyrocketed to 104. Knowing that we were in febrile seizure territory, we rushed him to our closest pediatric urgent care. When checking in we told our insurance was out of network so we'd be paying a lot for him to be seen there. We stayed anyways, knowing that he needed to be seen then. 

By the time the doctor saw him, his temperature was pushing 106 and the doctor was worried about the possibility of a bacterial infection like meningitis. He stated it could be because of strep but that strep throat is super uncommon in kids younger than two. Strep throat would be the best case scenario with a fever like, right then and there we begged the Lord for it to be strep. Thank God, it was. 

There it was again. Perspective. Strep was nothing in the light of a bacterial infection. 

On the ride home we started talking about what our medical bill from this urgent care clinic would probably look like. I found myself sinking into the stress and worry of how we'd pay this bill off when I said to Cody..."You know, there are kids in other countries, like Titus who could die of high fevers. We're so blessed to live in a country where we can receive proper medical care. You walk into a clinic terrified and 30 minutes later you walk out taken care of." Perspective.

It seems that much of my new found perspective comes from stepping out of my middle class, steady paycheck, comfortable home, complacent life, bubble. And I wonder if we'd all find that same perspective if we stepped out more often. If we opened our eyes to the realities of others or the realities of what could be, and thanked the Lord that we were blessed with these difficulties instead.

How do you try to keep things in perspective?
Do you think stepping out of your "bubble" helps give perspective?
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