New Blog Name + New Updates For You

Today, the rebranding is official with the changing of my web address (from to being completed! We're still in the process of getting to automatically redirect to, so just stick with me!
Rebranding has been more of a task than I realized it would be, and I'm sure there's probably still more to come that I haven't thought of. Seriously, without Bobbi's help, I would have been so lost. You must check her out not only because of her design talents but because of her sweet, helpful personality too. 

If you follow this blog via RSS feed, that feed has changed. You can find the new feed and subscribe to it here: We're hoping to move my subscribers from my former account to this new one, but just in case, go ahead and update the feed on your end too! :)

Also, I've created a new Bloglovin account. Hopefully by the end of today my old account should be combined with my new one, but just in case, you can follow my new account via Bloglovin here

And again social media changes. I've already mentioned these in my last post about rebranding, but just in case you missed it you can click on the links below to get to my new pages and see my new usernames.

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