Needing Quiet

Lately I'm finding myself needing, craving quiet time.

It probably has a little something to do with the new found chaos that comes with a toddler. I know you mommas with multiples are just smirking and I know I probably don't really know chaos quite yet, but this running, screaming, full of life toddler is such a change from the quiet, slow life we used to live. I wouldn't trade it for a single thing, but it's still an adjustment. 

With life speeding up in the ways of parenting, I find myself grasping for ways to slow down. Some people thrive on busy. I, however, do not.I like slow. I like quiet. I like alone.

I suppose this need of quiet time has had a little bit to do with why I have scaled back on things with my blog, specifically sponsors/ad spaces & eventually the amount of sponsored posts I'll be taking. I took quite a few sponsored posts in the past few months and while they are such a financial blessing for our little family, I think I'll be careful not to schedule too many each month.
I feel like time is precious and I don't want to have to constantly spend it immersed in my blog and social media in general. Everything is go, go, go when I'm in this little blogging world and while it's fun and fast-paced, I don't want to miss out on something special because my nose is buried in my phone.

It's just how I'm feeling. There's absolutely no judgement if you have ad spaces galore and desire to work with a brand on every single post. Totally your right. Good for you! I thought maybe that was for me when I started blogging, but I'm not so sure anymore.

How do you make time for quiet in your life? 
Do you wake up early before the kiddos or stay up late?
Schedule weekly "be by yourself" time? Do tell! xo

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