Life Lately

Life has just been trucking along over here. I feel like I can hardly compose a put together blog post because my mind is so all over the place right now, so how about a little bit of a list?

1) Cody just finished working two weeks worth of summer camps for the city he works in. He worked camp everyday and still continued his typical every third day shift schedule. Y'all, it was rough. We're both exhausted and ready for our routine, BUT we are so grateful for the extra work when so many other people are in need of just that.

2) Gunner has also decided to become a toddler over the past few weeks...including the fit throwing. When we visited the doctor for his 15 month appointment she suggested time outs but I'm just wondering how you get a busy body toddler to sit still for an extended amount of time? Tips? Tricks?

3) Our home study is supposed to be finalized at the end of June -- crossing my fingers & praying for that! At the completion and submission of our home study our agency will begin searching for our referral and will hopefully match us with a child in two to four months. Eek!

That's what's going on with us! What's been going on with you? 

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