His Name Is...

Though we haven't been matched with a child yet, we've been talking name for awhile. When I was pregnant with Gunner we chose his name pretty early after finding out he was a boy. I like being able to refer to a child by name even before they're born, or in this case before they've come home to us. 
We talked names over for a few weeks and finally decided on one.


I'm sure many people will ask, but we didn't choose the name Titus because it's a Biblical name. Titus is a pretty cool story though, being one of the first Gentile believers and a close friend of Paul. According to history, he went on to be the first bishop of Crete. We've liked the name Titus for awhile now and the Biblical story behind him is a bonus.

Stephen is Cody's dad's first name so that's where that name comes from. Gunner's middle name (Blake) is my dad's first name so we're happy to continue including family names in our children's names. 

I am in love with the name and love being able to say things like "Titus' room" or "When Titus comes home..."

How have you chosen your children's names?
Are they just names you've always liked OR do they have special meaning?
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