Growing Appetites For God

As a mom I have many goals in what I want to do for my children.

I want to teach them to be responsible citizens. I want to help them memorize their sevens times tables so they don't have to look silly doing that finger counting thing in public. I want to teach them to love strongly. I want to teach them how to properly set a table, and my boys will for sure know how to open the door for ladies.

I have lots and lots of other goals, but definitely the most important is my goal to help my children learn to grow in their faith and love the Lord with all of their hearts. I know that the decision to follow Christ is a personal one, but I want to do everything I can to instill His goodness and wisdom into their hearts and minds at a young age. 

But, if I'm being quite honest, I don't have a big game plan on how I'll do that. So, I was super happy when the people of Moody Publishers sent me a copy of the book Together: Growing Appetites For God by Carrie Walsh. Together is a book about Carrie's journey to not only grow in her own walk and time with the Lord, but to start teaching and growing her children too. 

Carrie's idea is simple. She read a chapter of the Bible aloud, every day to her children. Not the children's version of the Bible. No abbreviated stories. No skipped books. She read all of it from her grown up Bible to her children. She was growing by reading her Bible every day and her children were growing by listening. Carrie also shares the lessons she has learned and the way the Lord grew her through reading with her children. Plus, she shares activities her kids enjoyed and other super valuable resources.

My favorite thing that Carrie writes about is the fact that her kids would call her out on days when tried to skip their Bible reading and they'd respond with things like.."It just feels funny not to read my Bible today." Oh, if only I had that sort of conviction. But most importantly she writes that she realized it became more than just a habit for her kids...she saw them apply their reading to their every day lives, she saw it change them. I love that. 

I really want to begin this with my kids as soon as they're at an age where I feel like they can really comprehend most of what is being read. I love the idea of reading a chapter of the Bible over breakfast every morning. I think that is such an incredible routine that could be built into a child's life. 

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