Through The Lens of My iPhone

Happy Friday!

We've been tackling adoption items all week and have our first round of major paperwork turned in...such a relief. And Saturday is our big garage sale that we've been preparing for. We've been blessed by so many people donating items and we're hoping to bring in some good money. Would love your prayers for it's success!
On Monday I will also be announcing an adoption fundraiser that will be run solely through the blog. The fundraiser includes handmade goods from some of my most favorite shops, so you really don't want to miss it!
Also, don't forget that you can purchase from my Scentsy party and 15% of your purchase will go to our adoption funds! AND an opportunity I'll be talking about more next week -- purchase one of these customizable adoption prints from Buhbay Prints and 50% of your purchase will go to our adoption funds!

Here's a view of our week through the lens of my iPhone...

1 // Trying to get back in the routine of working out. 2 // Warm days & playing in the dirt. 3 // Patio sitting on a warm spring night.
 1 // Getting ready for date night with Code. 2 // Fingerprinting for our home study is DONE! 3 // Waiting at the doctor's office. Physicals are DONE!
Do you have any fun plans for your weekend? xo
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