One Step Closer

We've officially scheduled our home study for May 28th. The fact that that's less than two weeks away is pretty crazy to me. You probably shouldn't count on hearing from me very much by the end of next week...I've got a lot of deep cleaning to do. 

With the step of our home study being done, that means we're getting so close to being introduced to the sweet little guy that will become or son. The referral process for our agency and the country we are adopting from is 2-4 months. And once we've accepted our referral? Well, honestly, we've got a HUGE payment to make and a lot of waiting to do. 

It has been amazing to watch God meet every need and every payment in time for us to pay it. Once the craziness of the home study is over, I hope to write a post on how He has moved in our finances thus far. But guys, this next one coming up after the completion of our home study and scares me, for real. I am doing my best to put all of my faith in Him, but also putting my own feet to the ground and working for this. 
In case you have missed any of my current blog fundraisers, here they are...

I hope I don't sound like I'm harping on and on about the fundraisers we currently have going on. I really don't want to come across that way. It's just, I know in that you are constantly bombarded with different blogs and posts, and it's quite possible that you've missed a fundraiser we're doing. And two, so many gracious, Godly people have come along side us to help us raise funds, that I just can't help but mention them again (and again). 

Thank you for being a part of this journey.
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