No More Soggy Good Mornings

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers. 

If you're the momma of a little boy, you probably know the woes of leaky night time diapers. At wasn't long after Gunner was born that I realized I was going to have to start purchasing night time diapers as well. Because honestly, there's really nothing less pleasant than greeting my little guy with hugs and kisses while he greets me with a soggy diaper and wet pajamas. Definitely not my favorite kind of good morning!

All of my momma friends recommended sizing up in night time diapers (which I always do!) but they all had different opinions on brand. And y'all, I have tried them all. Name brands and store brands. So, when I had the opportunity to test Parent's Choice Overnight Baby Diapers, I was very excited. I am all for protecting my son, but I LOVE to do it at an affordable price too!

When we received our box of Parent's Choice Overnight Baby Diapers I was super excited to see how soft the diapers were on the outside and happy to read that the inner liner is treated with Vitamin E and aloe for skin protection. In the past, night time diapers have caused a rash on Gunner but because of the Vitamin E and aloe additives, we had no issue with irritation.

I also loved how tight the bond was on the sticky waist straps. Our crazy little guy has been known to literally squirm his diaper loose, but we had no issues with that in the Parent's Choice Overnight Baby Diapers. And most importantly? We had absolutely no overnight leaks! 

Now, Gunner can wake up, watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and play in the kitchen while I desperately guzzle coffee...and I never have to worry about his diaper leaking in the process. Our new overnight diapers not only get us through the nights, but through the first morning hour too.

Lots of serious morning face goin on here.

I've found the more I step out of my momma comfort zone and try new products, the more I realize that it is so easy to find great quality at an affordable price. Have you ever purchased the more affordable version of a product and found it to be a better quality?

Night time protection for babies is an important consideration for parents as their little one grows. Ordinary diapers may not have enough absorbent capacity to handle multiple voids over long periods of time with older babies. When wet mornings become the norm, parents start looking for more protection to guard against overnight leaks.  

Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers are super absorbent for overnight and long-trip protection. This is an overnight diaper at prices that everyone can afford! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parent’s Choice Overnight Baby Diapers.

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